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The Obama campaign raised $30 milion from fewer than 20,000 major donors in uly, disclosures showed Monday, taking adtage of a setup that uses higher caps on donations to central py committees to capture up to $100,000 or more from families. The maximum anyone can ordinarily give to a candidate is $5,000.

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Among his top donors:

• $145,000: The Moores of Oak Hill, Virginia. Retirees Mark Anthony and Brenda made three contributions of $35,800 on uly 17, while across town, government contractor enee Moore gave one donation in that amount on the same day.

• $122,000: The Banks of New York. Lissy Bank of Twine Capital gave $60,000 while oshua Bank, a producer at Alloy Entertainment, which is responsible for TV shows Gossip Girl and 666 Park Ave., gave $62,500. Financial-industry donations were relatively uncommon in Mr. Obama’s latest major-donor list, in contrast with his rival, Mitt Romney.

• $120,000: ose Rincon of Spring, Texas. Mr. Rincon s at Tradequip, an drilling firm.

• $100,000: Poarch Band Of Creek Indians. Among the more interesting contributions, the tribe gave directly.

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• $100,000: Attorneys Michael and Stephen Pajcic and their of ackville, Florida. Stephen was once a Dcratic nominee for governor of that state.

Receipts peaked and waned dramatically as Mr. Obama and surrogates hosted dinners for donors, allowing them access to power brokers and the opportunity to make their views known. Nearly $2 million was raised on uly 16 and $1.5 million on the 10th and 26th, while on other days with no in-per events, as little as $150,000 was raised.

Meanwhile, Reans relied on major donors of their own as Club for Growth shaped up as a major source for unrestricted donations.  In uly, it raised $3 million, spent $4 million in vicious face-offs, and has $2.4 million in the bank.

Despite its status as a major destination for Rean , make no mistake: The ’s is spent against Reans, not Dcrats. The Club for Growth generally pushes the py to the right in primary elections by backing -line candidates for open seats and targeting inbents who it says have fallen short on conservative principles.

The Club for Growth spent $5 million opposing David Dewhurst in Texas’s Senate race, followed by the better p of $1 million opposing Eric Hovde in Wisconsin, Dick Lugar in Indiana, Paul Gosar in Arizona, Tommy Thomp in Wisconsin, and Wilford Card in Arizona.

It has spent $606,000 supporting tea py candidate Ted Cruz in Texas.

Peter Thiel, a Paypal founder who has previously backed Ron Paul, gave $1 million to the . That donation was followed by $350,000 from Oregon investor ohn Bryan, $300,000 from Arkansas’s Stephens ,
executives at science company Exoxemis, $250,000 from Robert Mercer, a New York financier at Renaissance Technologies, and Paul Singer, who has become one of the most prolific Rean donors this cycle.

“The difference is the pies only e about the py label; we only e about the principal,” said Chris Chocola, Club for Growth president.

He defended the ’s ality to accept unlimited contributions under guidelines following a 2010 Supreme Court ruling.

“There’s no doubt every time they try to engage in so-called campaign finance reform it just brings more to the process. We’re advocates in the sense that it should be no limits and it should be fully disclosed,” he said.

That puts him at odds with a growing strand of Rean politicking that has moved from super PACs to nonprofits. As politically-active s report their donors and spending to the Federal Election Commission by midnight Monday, those s will make no such disclosures.

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| Usted necesita escrir o actualizar un curriculum vitae usar a un responsalidad Un currículum es un doent que ocupación objetivos puntos. Su curriculum vitae ofrece un space en su historia profesional y es uno de los doentos importantes doentos in en su búsqueda de empleo, ya que proporciona la primera impresión vital sobre un comité de contratación.

Antes de empezar a escrir su currículum, seleccione|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir un tipo de currículum que destaque Desta sus fortalezas y logros, inspeccionar qué información incluir en su currículum y ejemplos de cada pe de un currículum y, a continuación, seleccione un formato de resumen Normal. Cuando revisar os y ilustraciones, elección el formato que es mejor para su situation Punto muerto. Aunque todos los currículos deben proporcionar información sobre su trabajo y educación saber hacer, así como sus halidades y izaciones, hay diferentes maneras de presentar esta información|la información recopilada. Esta es una muestra de un resumes by tammy
donde trabajo conocimiento se proporciona en, comenzando con la posición más reciente. Construir los siguientes doentos index para más ilustraciones normas.

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