2 Razones Por Las Que A La Gente Le Gusta Reanudar El Objetivo Del Comercio Minorista

It seems to me that the chickens have just elected the Fox to guard their coop.

What has created the “Trump’s angry, displaced Rust Belt voters” is the inequality bt about the trickle down economy championed by Thatcher & Reagan which, over time, has seen unbridled capitalism chase profits and hoodwink regulators and administrations with the promise that this would lead to greater revenues and hence The State being better equipped to meet its social contract it forged with the population it was meant to represent.

Unfortunately that was a bare lie because the low tax regimes in the US and the UK spread world-wide and it was accompanied by the creation of tax heavens, complex financial instruments and other ‘clever schemes’ that saw all picipating States go into debts and a slow but constant decrease in the service States provided to its citizens.

The result has been a steep aculation of wealth by the 1% of the population and a growing inequality gap. To counter that we have had ‘distractions’ and ‘entertainment’ by the likes of Berlusconi, Trump, Islamophoa, terrorism, and fake s.

Further, in the Occident the ruling political cles, thanks to the powerful lobbying by Right Wing Think-Tanks, e.g. Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, has convinced its poorer cles that any attempts to redress the growing imbalance, e.g. initiatives in Health and Education to benefit those that have been left behind, is a Communist plot and hence this very large section of the community, often the least educated, have either supported Conservative pies or have witrawn from the political process convinced that they do not have the power to change the political system, a problem most prevalent in the US where 40% of eligible voters did not vote.

Donald Trump and his inesses have been amongst the primary beneficiaries of the ‘trickle down economy’ and the pro-iness set of laws, e.g. bankruptcy laws, that has disadtaged EXACTLY the of people displaced by this greed-on-steroid economy setting.

You would need to be very naïve, indeed very stupid, to believe that a per like Trump, who is surrounding himself with like-minded plutocrats beneficiaries of the trickle down economy, will do anything of substance to change the economic trajectory of the people that Reaganomics has left behind.

In this icle, oseph is pointing out the inevitable truth. How long will this “g lie” last depends on how clever Trump & Co will be able to disguise, entertain and distract the true intent of his Administration.

Hi has shown that you ignore the physics governing Pendulum at your peril. The aes of the French aristocracy and their refusal to pay taxes bt France to its knees and gave us the French Revolution which replaced a Devine King with an Emperor, the Russian Tars were replaced by a similarly oppressive Communism.

It’s undeniable that the more in the Occident we push to the Right, the more will be a swing to the Left. It will be just a matter of time … and rapid climate change comned with nationalist fervours, and rampant greed by the elite will accelerate this event.

In electing Trump, all the US voters have done is accelerating that process. Thanks!!

2 Razones Por Las Que A La Gente Le Gusta Reanudar El Objetivo Del Comercio Minorista – resume objective for retail
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