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The pretty who duped Rose McGowan into meeting tely with her while ing undercover for Harvey Weinstein is a 30-something-year- Israeli military veteran named Stella Penn, the Media can exclusively reveal.

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The operative at Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube – who bluffed her way into meetings with Rose McGowan and journalists while using the aliases ‘Diana Filip’ and ‘Anna’ – is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces and lives in affa, Israel.

Penn, who was recently married, also goes by the name Stella Penn Pechanac, multiple sources t Media duped McGowan into meeting with her and even managed to obtain a copy of the actress’s unpublished mir this year, after telling the actress she was a women’s rights advocate from London.

Penn claimed she ed for a London-based investment company called Rueben Capital Pners.

In ity, Penn ed for the Israel-based intelligence firm Black Cube, which had been hired by Harvey Weinstein to investigate numerous women who had accused him of ual harment and other perceived enemies.

The pretty who duped Rose McGowan into meeting tely with her while ing undercover for Harvey Weinstein is a 30-something-year- Israeli military veteran named Stella Penn, the Media can exclusively reveal

Harvey Weinstein agreed to pay up to $1.3m to Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence firm

The company was tasked with collecting information on numerous women, including McGowan. The firm also ed to obtain a copy of McGowan’s unpublished mir, to determine if the actress was going to go with her ual ault accusations against Weinstein.

McGowan met with ‘Diana’ after the two were introduced by a literary last May, the New Yorker reported this week.

The Black Cube operative claimed to be ing on women’s rights advocacy and reportedly asked McGowan to speak at an upcoming event she was organizing. Penn and McGowan met in per on several occasions in New York and California, and even spent time on the Venice boardwalk, according to the New Yorker.

Penn pressed McGowan for information about her allegations against Weinstein, and eventually managed to obtain a copy of the actress’s unpublished book.

The operative even kept up the ruse after the New Yorker published explosive allegations against Weinstein last month, revealing that he had been accused of ual harment and rape by numerous actresses and female employees over the years.

‘Diana’ wrote an email to McGowan after the was published, praising the actress for her courage.

‘Hi Love,’ she wrote. ‘How are you feeling? . . . ust wanted to tell you how brave I think you are.’

McGowan was reportedly shocked when she was later t by the New Yorker that ‘Diana’ was actually an undercover investigator ing for Black Cube.

Weinstein hired Israeli firm Black Cube on October 24, 2016, to ry out the covert operation, known internally as ‘Operation Parachute’ by operatives that included ex-Mossad s

‘Oh my God,’ she t the New Yorker. ‘Reuben Capital. Diana Filip. No ing way.’

Penn, using the alias ‘Anna,’ also met with New York reporter Ben Wallace earlier this year while he was ing on a about Weinstein.

The Black Cube operative implied to Wallace that she wanted to discuss allegations against Weinstein. But the reporter said she seemed to be pressing him for information on his upcoming icle while revealing very few details about herself.

According to a ography of her posted online, Penn is involved in an educational advocacy in Israel called Recalculating the Educational Route.

The ography says she moved to Israel in 1994 from Yugoslavia. She served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force and has ed on ewish advocacy campaigns in the U.S. and Australia.

She speaks four languages – English, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, and conversational Spanish.

Penn is also an actress. She graduated from the theater s program at Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in 2010, according to her ography.

Weinstein agreed to pay Black Cube up to $1.3 million for its investigative , according to his October 24, 2016 contract with the firm exclusively obtained by Media covert operation, known internally as ‘Operation Parachute,’ targeted at least 10 women, fashion gner Kenneth Cole, and a prominent AIDS charity, the Media has learned.

Weinstein’s with Black Cube was reported by the New Yorker on Monday, which published a uly contract showing that the firm deployed undercover s to obtain information from Weinstein’s ual ault accusers and journalists.

The initial October contract between Weinstein and Black Cube last fall shows that Weinstein was fixated on the idea that he was the victim of a ‘negative campaign’ orchestrated by his enemies – and he was willing to go to great lengths to stop it.

Harvey Weinstein’s original contract with Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube, in October 2016 reveals that Weinstein agreed to pay the company as much as $1.3 million to on his perceived enemies – including close and amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole (pictured)

Actress Rose McGowan (left), who has made allegations of rape against Weinstein, and Thomas Ajamie (right), a financial fraud attorney who had been hired by amfAR to examine a suspicious financial transaction involving Weinstein, both were investigated by Black Cube

Harvey Weinstein’s original contract with an Israeli intelligence firm, published exclusively here, reveals that the disgraced executive agreed to pay the company as much as $1.3 million to on his perceived enemies – including numerous actresses, fashion gner Kenneth Cole and a prominent AIDS charity.

Black Cube was hired to ‘identify the entities behind the negative campaign against [Weinstein]’ and ‘support [Weinstein’s] efforts to put a stop to it,’ according to the initial contract.

The investigation targeted actresses who accused Weinstein of ual ault, but it also extended to Weinstein’s supposed s and allies.

A source familiar with the operation said Black Cube was asked to investigate Weinstein’s long-time Kenneth Cole and the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), a charity where Weinstein was a donor. Cole is amfAR’s chairman.

Black Cube was also asked to look into Thomas Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney who had been hired by amfAR to examine a suspicious financial transaction involving Weinstein.

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Another target was Commentary magazine editor ohn Podhoretz, who had posted a comment on Twitter in 2015 about Weinstein’s rumored ault victims.

Actresses Sophie Dix and Katherine Kendall were also subjects of interest, according to the source.

Ajamie t Media that he was not d he was on Black Cube’s list and believed he was targeted because he had been hired by the amfAR board to investigate an unusual financial deal Weinstein had with the charity in 2015.

The transaction, which is currently under investigation by the Depment of ustice, involved transferring profits from an amfAR auction to a theater project that Weinstein had invested in. 

The elaborate planning that went into the operation involved the crafting of a fake website for Reuben Pners, with a section devoted to ‘Women In Focus’ (above)

The fake firm of Reuben Pners also had an building listed on its website (seen above in Google view)

Ajamie’s investigation found that Weinstein’s financial deal ‘exposed amfAR to material risks to its financial integrity and reputation.’ In the process, Ajamie also discovered some of the ual ault allegations against Weinstein.

‘I k that Weinstein and his lawyers had hired te investigators, and his lawyers were investigating me and trying to har me,’ said Ajamie.

He said he recalled run-ins with individuals he believed may have been ing for te investigators. Over the past year, he said several s showed up at his law claiming they had scheduled meetings with him or stopped by his apment unannounced.

A spokesper for amfAR declined to comment on Weinstein’s operation.

‘As has been widely reported, the Depment of ustice is conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into certain transactions ried out by Mr. Weinstein,’ said the spokesper. 

‘In our continued effort to cooperate with this investigation we are unable to comment at this time. amfAR remains committed to pursuing its chable mission of finding a cure for the over 30 million people living with HIV and AIDS.’

The initial October contract reveals that Weinstein promised to pay Black Cube $200,000 for two months of – plus up to $600,000 in bonuses if the firm went above and beyond the scope of its ignment.

Another target was Commentary magazine editor ohn Podhoretz (pictured) who had posted a comment on Twitter in 2015 about Weinstein’s rumored ault victims

Actresses Katherine Kendall (left) and Sophie Dix (right) were also subjects of interest to the intelligence firm, a source t Media cost included ‘databases and software licenses, flights, travel, computers and special accessories, and out of pocket expenses.’

Black Cube would also be paid an additional $100,000 if Weinstein used the information it collected in lawsuits, pitched it to the media or gave it to law enment.

The contract also included an additional $300,000 payment to Black Cube if the firm uncovered previously unknown individuals who were involved in the ‘negative campaign’ against Weinstein. It also stipulated a $200,000 ‘success fee.’

‘[I]n the event Black Cube succeeds in achieving the objective, including putting a stop to the negative campaign, Black Cube will be paid an additional success fee of 200,000 USD,’ said the contract.

The doent described Black Cube as ‘a select of veterans of elite units in the Israeli intelligence community, comned with financial and legal experts’ based in London, Tel-Aviv and Paris.

The October contract was signed by Amy Hae, the chief financial r at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, the law firm Weinstein used to retain Black Cube. It was also signed by Black Cube’s director Avi Yanus.

Elizabeth Avellan with ex-Robert Rodriguez, who left her to begin a relationship with McGowan, says a reporter contacted her and pressed her for dirt on McGowan 

Weinstein had the agencies compile psychological profiles on dozens of targets such as Rosanna Arquette (left) while Pamela Lubell (right) was allegedly into revealing a list of her colleagues, then d her to call them to see who had spoken to the press

In a subsequent contract in uly, published on Monday by the New Yorker, Weinstein agreed to pay the firm another $200,000 for four months of investigative , and up to $350,000 in potential bonuses.

Despite the relative success of the operation, sources said Weinstein and Black Cube ended up in a dispute over payments, which was the rea for the second contract in uly.

During ‘Operation Parachute,’ Black Cube operatives managed to obtain several meetings with targeted journalists and actresses.

One undercover female operative ing for Black Cube met with actress Rose McGowan and her in May 2017 in Los Angeles, according to the New Media learned the operative is a woman in her 30s from affa, Israel, who previously ed for the Israel Defense Forces.

During the meetings, they discussed an unpublished mir McGowan had written called Brave, which referenced Weinstein. The operative was able to obtain a full copy of the book.

The Black Cube investigation – known as ‘Operation Parachute’ – was led ried out by the firm’s London , according to a source familiar with the effort.

Black Cube founders Avi Yanos and Dan Zorella – a former member of the Israeli Intelligence Corps – were also involved in the project.

Insiders said the firm’s London went into panic mode on Monday and initially tried to destroy doents related to the Weinstein deal before their law firm Peters & Peters advised against it. 

Cinco Dudas Que Debe Aclarar Sobre Ejemplos Destacados De Currículum – resume highlights examples
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