Diez Verdades Feas Sobre La Revisión De Currículum

As I understand it the continued payments against debt by Venezuela is related to the fact Venezuela to all intents and purposes only has to export and non payment of debts would imperil the survival of Pdvsa thus imperiling exports. Not that that helps citizens without enough food to eat

Oil was used as a bribe at the ballot box, agriculture was damaged as an activity leaving importation of food. Venezuelans voted for this.

When asked what he thought of Western Civilisation Ghandi replied that he thought it would be a good idea. Though I suspect he was also referring to the other hemisphere as well

Elsewhere and recently, a similar though not quite as development had occurred, in another dcracy in the developed world. A country which should be able to feed itself ended up importing food and medicines due to easy and when faced with a possible 30% currency collapse backed away from confrontation. That country was the seat of dcracy, Greece. Although mis-speaking appears to be the root cause of the ae of easy I have not heard of anybody being locked up.

It appears politicians have a hat of mis-speaking, which neatly brings us to another noteworthy dcracy and an event there and whether mis-speaking occurred – Brexit and pop-up toasters such as Boris . We have also recently even had to endure the zarre claim that another politician Tony Blair, mis-spoke about the need for war but that he was however speaking an tional truth, whatever that may be. It would appear the truth has the many faces of anus

The problem is the icle ly is discussing the failures of dcracy due to ae by lying politicians not food which is an outcome. There is no apparent cure for politicians mis-speaking. Cause and effect remains.

At what point should ‘concerted support’ for citizens aka ‘intervention’ be made with a country with a dcratically elected government and why – and what are the consequences. Because Venezuela is not the only basket case, and usually the inbents despite the situation still have their supporters. That is another question to which there seems to be no answer.

Looking at N Korea humanitarian aid is still routinely supplied by countries opposed to the ruling py, a support which ists the same ruling py remaining in power. So far aid has been refused by Maduro


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