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Background: Helsinki’s stup culture, while vibrant, is a relatively phenomenon. Peter Vesterbacka, who helped st Slush 10 years ago, said he was inspired to do something after asking a crowd of 600 s at Aalto University in 2007 how many wanted to st their own iness. Only three hands went up.

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Fast Forward: The Finnish stup scene is thriving due to a variety of factors, including lots of angel from former Nokia ers, copious funding from the government and a significant talent base. And when Vesterbacka went back to Aalto five years later, half of the s could imagine themselves as entrepreneurs.

A few of the test areas:

The Finnish government has ed , investing in Slush and other efforts, in order to both support its stups and convince large multinational corporations to set up R&D centers here.

“One indication of the global interest is the international is flowing in,” said Pekka Soini, CEO of Tekes, an investment arm of the Finnish government. For the time last year, more was invested in early-stage Finnish companies by foreign VCs than came from the Finnish government. “Finland is on the radar screen,” Soini said.

Still a g hole: The stup boom notwithstanding, Finland lost a lot with Nokia’s decline. A further blow came with the sale of Nokia’s phone iness to Microsoft. The software giant changed CEOs as the deal was pending. New chief Satya Nadella began unwinding the effort almost as soon as the deal closed, eventually laying off most of the more than 4,000 Finnish employees gained th the acquisition.

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One remnant: Microsoft still has about 200 employees here and provided the funding to turn the former Nokia executive parking lot into an IoT incubator.

Meanwhile, Finland has ed to bring outside interest to its tech scene, both to pner with and fund its stups as well as to lure multinational companies to have R&D centers here. Huawei has one of the ggest of the such outposts, with GE Healthe and Rolls-Royce among the recent companies to begin operations.

Making lnade: Kimmo Isbjornssund, who ed at Nokia in various roles for 12 years before exiting in 2012, says he now looks at the end of its mole phone iness as a positive for the country’s tech industry.

Isbjornssund ed for several stups after leaving Nokia and now runs a just-announced stup accelerator run by the European Space Agency in conjunction with Aalto University.

Esto Es Lo Que Nadie Le Dice Acerca De Cómo Construir Un Currículum – how to construct a resume
| Si usted necesita escrir o actualizar un curriculum vitae apli a un recuerdos Un currículum es un doc que capture objetivos puntos. Su curriculum vitae ofrece un opening en su ografía profesional y es uno de los doentos importantes doentos in en su búsqueda de empleo, ya que proporciona la primera impresión vital sobre un comité de contratación.

Antes de empezar a escrir su currículum, seleccione|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir un tipo de currículum que Noticias Desta sus fortalezas y logros, reexaminen qué información incluir en su currículum y ejemplos de cada pe de un currículum y, a continuación, seleccione un formato de resumen típico. Cuando reexaminar os y precedentes, elegir el formato que es mejor para su lugar Punto muerto. Aunque todos los currículos deben proporcionar información sobre su trabajo y educación experiencia, así como sus halidades y izaciones, hay diferentes maneras de presentar esta información|la información recopilada. Esta es una muestra de un how to construct a resume
donde emprender experiencia están disponibles en, comenzando con la posición más reciente. Búsqueda los siguientes doentos registro para más muestra normas.

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