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A brazen age driver has escaped a chase by sding down two flights of stairs.

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In a manoeuvre more common in a Hollywood blockter, a driver in a red Peugeot 205 fearlessly drove the down the stairs as tried to follow on .

But the chase is not a deleted scene from The Italian ob. The incredible age was captured by stunned witnesses in the city of Banja La in Bosnia. 

A brazen age driver in a Peugeot 205 has escaped a chase by sding down two flights of stairs

Even more remarkably the 19-year- driver of the who pulled the stunt has been said to not h a driving licence, reports the Mirror.

In the video the Peugeot can be seen coming down a quiet with a in close pursuit.

As the vehicles approach a junction the driver of the red does not hesitate and heads for a stairwell in the opposite building.

The can then be seen bouncing down the stairs as the rs get out of their motor and run towards the staircase.

Baffled witnesses also sprint towards the building keen to see what will happen next. 

As one man makes his way down the stairs the sds off around the corner, fleeing from the .   

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The incredible age was captured by stunned witnesses in the city of Banja La in Bosnia and has been compared to a scene from the clic film The Italian ob (right)

The 19-year- driver was later discovered to not h a driving licence. Police tried to follow the on (pictured)  but the vehicle escaped

It is said to have continued in an unknown direction and was soon lost by the .

A investigation later revealed the 19-year- driver didn’t have a driving licence.

It was also revealed that two other agers were in the with him during the incident, aged 19 and 18. There have been no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

Hundreds of people have reacted to the video online comparing the ‘s escape to films.

One per said ‘always s in the s’ and another wrote ‘clearly a fan of the Italian ob.’  

Another amused viewer added: ‘That’s a Bourne.’

¿Por Qué Es Tan Famoso El Currículum De Prep Cook? – prep cook resume
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