Top 2 Tendencias En Ejemplos Del Título Del Curriculum Vitae Para Mirar

Ownership is not as important as it once was.

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I use roads that I don’t own. I have immediate access to 99% of the roads and highways of the world (with a few exceptions) because they are a commons. We are all granted this access via our payment of local taxes. For almost any purpose I can think of, the roads of the world serve me as if I owned them. Even better than if I owned them since I am not in charge of maintaining them. The bulk of infrastructure offers the same “better than owning” benefits.

The web is also a social common good. The web is not the same as roads, which are “owned” by the , but in terms of access and use, the web is a type of community good. The good of the web serves me as if I owned it. I can summon it in full, anytime, with the snap of a finger. Libraries share some of these qualities. The content of the books are not domain, but their displays (the books) grant access to their knowledge and information, which is in some ways better than owning them.

Very likely, in the near future, I won’t “own” any , or books, or s. Instead I will have immediate access to all , all books, all s using an always-on service, via a subscription fee or tax. I won’t buy – as in make a decision to own — any individual or books because I can simply request to see or hear them on demand from the stream of ALL. I may pay for them in bulk but I won’t own them. The request to enjoy a is thus separated from the more complicated choice of whether I want to “own” it. I can consume a , or book without having to decide or follow up on ownership.

For many people this type of instant universal access is better than owning. No responsility of e, backing up, sorting, cataloging, cleaning, or storage. As they gain in accessility, books, and s are headed to become social goods even though they might not be paid by taxes. It’s not to imagine most other intangible goods becoming social goods as well. Games, education, and health info are also headed in that direction.

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As creations become digital they tend to become shared, ownerless goods. We can turn this around and say that in this m of ts, property itself becomes a more social endeavor. Property may be less about title and more about usage and control. An idea can’t be owned in the way g can; in fact an idea has little value unless it is shared or used to some extent. Its value paradoxically can increase the less it is owned tely. But if no one owns it, who gains the benefit of that increase in value? In the regime users will often ume many of the chores that owners once had to do. And so in a way, usage becomes ownership.


Access is so superior to ownership, or possession, that it will drive the emerging intangible economy. The chief hup to full-scale conversion from ownership to omni-access is the issue of modification and control. In traditional property regimes only owners have the right to modify or control the use of the property. The right of modification is not transferred in rental, leasing, or licensing agreements. But they are transferred in open source content and tools, which is p of their great attraction in this m. The ality and right to improve, peralize, or appropriate what is shared will be a key ingredient in the adce of omni-access. But as the ality to modify is squeezed from clic ownership s (think of those silly shrink-wrap warranties), ownership is degraded.

The trend is clear: access trumps possession. Access is better than ownership.

Top 2 Tendencias En Ejemplos Del Título Del Curriculum Vitae Para Mirar – resume title examples
| Si usted necesita escrir o revisar un curriculum vitae usar a un ocupación Un currículum es un doent que profesiones objetivos puntos. Su curriculum vitae ofrece un space en su ografía profesional y es uno de los doentos importantes doentos in en su búsqueda de empleo, porque proporciona la primera impresión vital sobre un comité de contratación.

Antes de empezar a escrir su currículum, seleccione|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir|elegir un tipo de currículum que Noticias Desta sus fortalezas y logros, inspeccionar qué información incluir en su currículum y ejemplos de cada pe de un currículum y, a continuación, seleccione un formato de resumen Normal. Cuando examinar os y ejemplos, elegir el formato que es mejor para su lugar Punto muerto. Aunque todos los currículos deben proporcionar información sobre su trabajo y educación experiencia, así como sus halidades y izaciones, hay diferentes maneras de presentar esta información|la información recopilada. Esta es una muestra de un resume title examples
donde profesión prueba se proporciona en, comenzando con la posición más reciente. Encuentro los siguientes doentos roll para más muestras normas.

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